Month: April 2017

Valet Advertising Design Tips

Seven important valet advertising design tips to help create more effective outdoor billboards.

Viewing Time

An important question to ask is does your message communicate simply and effectively within 6-10 seconds? That’s how long your viewer will have an opportunity to see your valet podium ad. Remember, if your ad is on a highway, cars are traveling at an average of 55 mph or more.

Contrary to many opinions, if the ad is cluttered with too much info, the viewer won’t absorb this info gradually over time (more with each viewing). Instead, they’ll ignore the ad altogether as it’s too hard to read. It’s generally recommended to use no more than 7 words.

Simplicity is key.

Font Size

Notice whether the copy lines are instantly readable at 300 feet for posters and 500 feet for bulletins.

Do the fonts have thick or thin lines, or a combination of the two?

Better creative typically has sturdy letters with even spacing. Make sure the text doesn’t crowd the letters together, resulting in confusion.

Outdoor Text Legibility Guide

Recommended text (character) heights to be used for readability at specific distances.

Spacing Considerations

The eye typically moves from the upper left corner to the lower right corner of a billboard. Consider this when creating your artwork, including how the images and text are juxtaposed.

Have you considered where the billboard is located? Is it far from the traffic or close? If far, you must use less copy and larger fonts to increase effectiveness. In contrast, if close, you can use more copy and a smaller font to create the same effect.

Have you considered the speed of traffic and placement of intersections near the board? If the speed is slow, located near secondary roads, and/or near an intersection, the message can be longer than if located on a high speed freeway.

General Visibility

Does the message create maximum visibility? Use colors and pictures to contrast with the sky and other surroundings. On a typical board, try not to use white or sky blue backgrounds as they blend with the sky around them.

Is the ad readable from various distances, angles, lighting and weather conditions? Your creative design should be specific to the board if possible or if not then designed for the poorest visibility board in the showing.

Are you saying only one simple key statement? Nothing else will be read and may endanger the more important messages. Do not put words or sentences stacked on top of each other. This reduces the ability to understand and view the message.

Less is more.

Does your ad have a sufficient amount of space between the actual lines and words? If the letters or words run together it won’t be read.


First Step to Protecting Your Assets

Divorce can often come as a surprise, but there are ways to minimize the surprise consequences after your divorce is finalized. While the marriage may be legally ended, your ex-spouse may still stand to inherit some of your assets when you pass away. When the divorce decree has been accepted and settled, there are several steps that should be taken immediately to protect your estate and your interests.

It is important to have thorough documentation of all of your assets, including wills, trusts, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, pay-on-death bank or brokerage accounts, and any powers of attorney that you may have, such as property, healthcare, or HIPAA. Take note of who the beneficiary is on your assets and update them as needed. Updating your estate planning documents is not sufficient to prevent your ex-spouse from inheriting your assets if they are still listed as the beneficiary, so you must be sure to update the policies and accounts themselves.

Updating Your Will is the First Step to Protecting Your Assets

If you do not have a legally binding will in place, then your ex-spouse will not automatically inherit for chula vista bankruptcy attorney any other property you may have as they are no longer your legal heir. If you have a will that names your ex-spouse as the beneficiary, however, it is essential to revoke it and replace it with an updated will. Not only will this allow you to establish a new beneficiary for your property, but also to name a new executor. This is also an opportunity to designate a guardian for your children if they are under the age of 18, if guardianship does not automatically pass to your ex-spouse.

Issues related to family law chula vista are less straightforward when a parent passes away. Most parents will name their child as the beneficiary of their assets, but child support can still be collected after the death of a parent even if this is not the case. The living parent can file a claim to continue collecting child support from a deceased’s parent’s Social Security, property, or bank accounts.

Keep in mind as you are updating your documents that any changes made to your estate plan must be in line with the terms of your divorce decree. If you have specified in the terms of your divorce that your ex-spouse will remain the beneficiary of any of your assets, this cannot be changed. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you ensure that the divorce agreement protects your interests and that you remain in compliance with that agreement when updating your accounts after a divorce.